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  • Free Weights & Olympic Lifting Platforms
  • Infinity & Martial Arts Rigs
  • Cardio & Resistance Equipment
  • Ropes, Tires, Bands, Kettle Bells, Mat Area, & Turf
  • Private Bathrooms & Showers
  • Options for Personal & Group Training
  • $10 Drop-In to Court House Fitness Classes
  • Upgrade anytime


$ 20 Monthly, AutoPay
  • 24-hr Access
  • Most Popular Membership
  • Upgrade to Couple for $20 More
  • Full Calendar Month Written Notice to Cancel


$ 40 Monthly, AutoPay
  • 24-hr Access
  • You have a workout partner!
  • Upgrade to Family for $20 More
  • Full Calendar Month Written Notice to Cancel


$ 60 Monthly, AutoPay
  • 24-hr Access
  • $60 monthly for 3 or 4 members
  • Add $10 Each for 5th Member & On
  • Full Calendar Month Written Notice to Cancel

Member Access Hours:

All day.
Every day.
All night.
Every night.

Your hours, not ours.

Staffed Hours:

8:30 am- 11:30 am & 1:00- 7:00 pm

9:00 am- 12:00 pm

Weekends @Court House Fitness
Sat 12:00 pm- 8:00 pm
Sun 9:00 am- 6:00 pm

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frequently asked questions

Just check in at any front desk (Court House or CH FIt24) to pick up your fob and have your photo taken. All members, even children, are required to swipe their own assigned fob at every visit.

You can! At any time you can upgrade to the Court House Premier membership, which includes both clubs, or you can choose to downgrade to only CH Fit 24, with a full calendar month notice in writing, just like a cancellation. You can also upgrade to a family membership or downgrade to an individual! The choice is always yours!

Just click here to fill out the Cancellation form or to request a temporary membership Hold! Please note the policy reminders at the end of each form.

Guests are welcomed to try either gym the first time for FREE! They must check in at the front desk (no exceptions) to sign the waiver and to have their photo taken. Subsequent guest passes are $10 each. Each visit may only take place by first checking in with staff. If no staff are available, guests will need to return when we are staffed. Parents must sign for minors, no exceptions.

One of the BEST and most efficient ways to get into great shape fast is by purchasing sessions with a trainer! For package info and to contact a trainer, click here!

Court House Group Fitness Classes are FREE for Court House members ages 14 and older. Reservations are required (space is limited), and we always appreciate if you cancel your reservation if you are unable to make it to class. Class guest drop-ins are $10 and allow you access to the Court House facility during your visit as well!

You can purchase scans at the Court House front desk, $20 each or $75 for a 4-pack. Scans are performed by YOU in the exclusive Fit3D Scanning Room, so you can enjoy complete privacy! Set up your free scan account first here! You will need this to log in at the club when you are ready to scan.

Please be aware there are access restrictions for children. Please note:

Minor Members at the Court House
Minors are eligible for membership at the Court House at the age of 7 years. Minor members ages 7-9 years:
1) must have a parent member in the facility at all times;
2) must be within eyesight of a parent if the child is unable to comply alone to all policies;
2) may only participate on the courts and the turf; and
3) may not go into the strength or cardio areas under any circumstance.
Minor members ages 10-13 years:
1) may be in the facility without parents during staffed hours;
2) may not go into any other area of the facility aside from the turf and the courts unless they are with a parent member; and
3) may not be in the facility without a parent during non-staffed hours.
Minor members ages 14 years and up can use the strength area and the cardio area, in addition to the courts and the turf.
Minor members must also comply with the pool and spa policies provided in the agreement.
Minor Members at CH Fit 24.  Minors are eligible for membership at CH Fit 24 at the age of 10 years, provided that members through the age of 13 years, must be accompanied by a parent member at all times. Members ages 14-17 years can be in the facility without a parent, but must be accompanied by a parent member at all times between the hours of midnight and 4 am.
Court House
CH FIT 24 only or choose BOTH CLUBS!