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NASM-Performance Enhancements, Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Physique and Bodybuilding Coach, Fitness Nutrition, OPT Nutrition, Cardio Respiratory Training, Flexibility, OPT Senior, Fitness Nutrition. A.C.S.M and ISSA.

Jayson has over 38 years of experience in athletic and personal training.  A prior collegiate athlete at SOU (SOCS), former competitive power lifter and bodybuilder. Jayson enjoys all areas of fitness from athletic sports conditioning, post rehabilitation, special populations to general health. Jayson’s main focus will be, emphasizing sports specific/ athletic training, personal training, nutrition coaching.

“The body isn’t lazy; the mind is.”


B.S. Health Science
Sports Nutrition
A.S. Kinesiology

Levi has been in the fitness world since the age of 11, when he started wrestling. It then became a part of his daily life when he got into football & track as well. Levi was inspired to start training to give people a better quality of life & to share his passion. Levi enjoys all areas of fitness whether it be powerlifting, functional fitness, sports athletic & mental clarity. Outside of the gym, you can find him enjoying nature & just getting out.

Three words to describe Levi: Dedicated, selfless, methodical



Travis became addicted to the world of fitness in the fifth grade when he won his first presidential physical fitness award. At just age 12, his dad started bringing him into the weight room to spot him. Travis became a trainer to make a difference in peoples lives. He’s there for his client not only to help with their physical gains but to also give them a platform to grow mentally & spiritually. You can easily drag Travis into any conversation that involves sports, as it is his favorite hobby!

Three words to describe Travis: Integrity, faith, love



Mindy has been in the weight room from the age of 13 years old when she was finally old enough to go with her dad. Mindy strives to share her passion for fitness & show people that you don’t need to be a gym rat to reap the benefits of fitness. She also wants to help people develop a therapeutic relationship with working out & help them to see that fitness is beneficial for the body, mind & soul. Outside of fitness, Mindy enjoys cooking & has a thorough knowledge of fashion design as she spent 8 years prior to training in the fashion industry; working with Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger & Kith.

Three words to describe Mindy: Persistent, positive, passionate


BS in Nutrition & Exercise Science, FNTP

Molly has extensive background in fitness that started with playing competitive soccer for 13 years. She was first introduced to the gym & resistance training at the age of 15 & hasn’t stopped since. Along with her passion for fitness, she developed a deep interest in nutrition & overall health & wellness. She pursued a degree in Nutrition & Exercise Science from Bastyr University. After receiving her college degree, she became a certified FNTP to better serve each client on a bio-individual level with both fitness & nutrition. Most recently, Molly worked as a rehab specialist trainer in a chiropractic clinic. While living in the Seattle area, Molly worked as a NASM certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor, along with starting her own nutrition business. While in the fitness industry, she noticed over time that many people weren’t reaching their goals & the missing link was nutritional support. – “You cannot out-train a bad diet”


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