Court House Family Fitness is proud to offer Karate for the whole family!

The core of our program is Tae Kwon Do, one of the most effective means of self-defense, works wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Coordination sharpens, reflexes quicken, breathing becomes controlled, muscle tone improves, and overall strength and endurance increase dramatically. Students also have the opportunity to train using a variety of Japanese weapons!

Start with an Introductory Lesson! We also offer camps, clinics, Ninja Night, and more!

Choose Your Studio


Training locations:
  • Court House Family Fitness
  • America’s Best Kids

*Black Belt Club members can train at either location.
*Basic Program members will choose one home studio.

New to our Karate Program? Choose INTRO LESSON below to schedule your first meeting with an instructor and receive your karate gi (uniform). Your second lesson, as part of your intro, will be either another one-on-one lesson or participation in one class.  Afterward an instructor will go over options with you, and you can choose how to continue, with monthly or paid-in-full options. 


Ages 6 - 12 Years

45-minute class

Basic Program:
Train 2x week
Choose Your Studio:
ABK or Court House

Black Belt Club:
Unlimited Training
15% Equipment Discount
Train at BOTH Studios!

Start with an Intro!
$19.95 Includes:
  • Gi (uniform)
  • 2 private lessons

  • 6-12

    Need that extra health and wellness boost that working out can bring? Join the gym today and work out while your child is in karate class!

    Court House
    CH FIT 24 only or choose BOTH CLUBS!